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API Development Solutions

Unlock your digital potential with our API mastery. Tailored RESTful and GraphQL solutions drive innovation, enhancing connectivity and empowering your systems. Let's elevate your digital experience!

Scripting and Tasks Automation

Require automation? Bash, Batch, PowerShell, or Python—we've got you covered. Crafting custom solutions for server or local tasks. Streamline processes effortlessly. Just a message away!

Laravel Application Development

Embrace online excellence with our Laravel Development. Custom, scalable web apps by skilled teams prioritize security, seamless integration, and optimized performance. Future-proof your business effortlessly.

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Tauseedzaman / Apr 20, 2024

Prefix Word Extractor Script.

PrefixWordExtractor is a PowerShell script that extracts words from a text file which start with predefined prefixes like 'KN', 'HS', 'CI', 'LN', and 'PR', and exports them into a CSV file named "output.csv". It validates the existence of the source text file, reads its content, filters out words based on specified prefixes, and saves the results in a CSV format for further analysis or processing.

Tauseedzaman / Feb 16, 2024

Powershell Inventory Script.

This PowerShell script remotely calculates and records the size of "Documents" directories for users across specified Windows hosts. It facilitates inventory management by exporting the data to a CSV file, streamlining storage analysis tasks in network environments.

Hilal Ahmad / Jan 01, 2024

Elevate User Experience With Our Multi-Step Form In Tailwind Css.

Welcome to a revolutionary online experience! Our website is designed to simplify complex processes through an intuitive and visually appealing multi-step form, crafted with the elegance of Tailwind CSS. Embark on a seamless journey as you navigate through carefully curated user interfaces, ensuring a delightful and efficient interaction. Our multi-step form is more than just a series of input fields; it's a thoughtfully designed process that puts the user at the center. Tailwind CSS, known for its flexibility and responsiveness, contributes to an interface that adapts to your users' diverse devices, providing a consistent and beautiful experience.

Tauseedzaman / Dec 17, 2023

Laravel Dynamic Portfolio Website.

Dynamic Portfolio Website project built with Laravel. This project allows you to create and showcase your portfolio dynamically and interactively.

Tauseedzaman / Dec 16, 2023

Restaurant Ordering System.

The Restaurant Ordering System is for ordering food online, Simple App, created in native php

Tauseedzaman / Dec 16, 2023

Basic Contacts Management System.

A very basic contacts management system built in Laravel + Vue + Intertia + Tailwind.. allows creating categories and storing contracts in it, with export and import of CSV

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This seller was AWESOME to work with. My project was unique and not an everyday type of project that other developers struggled with. Towsed figured it out in a couple days and delivered much sooner than I expected. I have several more projects I look forward to working with him on in the future! I am very grateful for his expertise and would highly recommend you contact him with your project.

Extremely satisfied with the delivery. They took the time to understand my specific needs and made sure to deliver a high quality script that met all of my requirements. The script was well-written and efficient, and it has saved me a lot of time and effort. I would definitely recommend this seller to anyone in need of a bash script, and I would definitely consider purchasing from them again in the future. Overall, it was a great experience and I am very happy with the end result.

Working with this individual was outstanding. Proved to be extremely helpful throughout our online call. They were adept at making thoughtful adjustments based on the feedback provided, and their punctuality was impressive.

Very professional and knowledgeable would definitely recommend!

Great communication, fast delivery and did exactly what I asked for. A perfect experience. If I ever need something similar again I will come back to him. 100% Recommended.

Fast and quality work! Will definitely recommend to others.

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